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There are two common ways most of our callings get expressed in our lives: as a job, or as a volunteer vocation. Sometimes the work we would most love to do does NOT fit the mold of the life path we have been following, even if we think it does. Something is missing.

Perhaps you have noticed that I haven’t written on this blog in several years. My life went through major changes in location, lifestyle, and internal metamorphus. Some of it I fought, other parts were accepted with a resigned sigh, or grief. It took several years, but my inner and outer worlds have finally settled down. I can still hear bubblings coming from deeper places in my psyche, so I know there still may be more to come.

And I know that I’m “getting it” because the kinetic parts –my body– and my feelings, feel more insync. I’m coming through the portal now… I know the journey will be different, not perfect, but closer to the plan that feels hard wired inside.

If you want to be, live, thrive, doing your calling, expect the unexpected. Stay anchored with a spiritual life and allow yourself to grow. Want to grumble? Go ahead. I did. God will open doors, closets, cuboards, even passage ways into Oz. It’s all part of the process.

Enjoy life, be moved by it. This is part of the magic.


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